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Miles Ford

Miles Ford

Miles Ford integrates Mathematica and the Wolfram Language with his teaching of US Common Core mathematics standards at Hope International School, Beijing. Miles uses Wolfram Notebooks and interactive models to teach concepts, and he encourages his students to use the computational power and programming potential of the Wolfram Language across the learning and assessment spectrum.

Miles has been using Mathematica since 2011, when he introduced the system to his senior mathematics programs while Head of Mathematics at St John’s Anglican College in Brisbane, Australia. Over the ensuing years, he expanded its use throughout the mathematics department across all secondary school levels and into other curriculum areas. He particularly enjoys using the Wolfram Language to solve novel problems and helping students to develop their own solutions using Mathematica. Miles presented at the Australian Wolfram Technology Conference 2015 on the process of embedding Mathematica into the school mathematics program.


Hope International School, Beijing, China


Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), University of Queensland, Australia
Bachelor of Education (Secondary), James Cook University, Australia




Creative problem solving, student coding