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János Karsai

János Karsai

János Karsai has been using Mathematica since 1994. He uses Mathematica to teach mathematics and computer-aided mathematical modeling to mathematics, pharmacy, biology, and engineering students in Szeged and Berlin and has given several Mathematica courses in Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, and Romania.

He does research in applied mathematics and deals with nonlinear oscillations, bio–mathematical models, and impulsive systems. In addition, he works on modernizing mathematical education technology, especially in applied sciences. He has developed extensive teaching materials in Mathematica for his courses and is a 2014 winner of the Wolfram Innovator Award.


Bolyai Institute, University of Szeged, Hungary


Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Szeged, Hungary


Hungarian, English


Computer-aided math education, modeling dynamical systems with Mathematica, nonlinear oscillations, impulsive systems, authoring in Mathematica, fishing, kayaking, hiking, jazz