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Stephan Leibbrandt

Stephan Leibbrandt

Stephan Leibbrandt has used Mathematica since 1991 as his favorite modeling and programming tool. His projects range from specific modeling like physical ray tracing, heat transfer, and financial derivatives to his passion of automatic code analysis and transformation. He also likes unusual but fruitful applications of Mathematica, for example the visualization of fuel cell measurements on trade fairs using MathLink for communication or equation generators for finite volume calculations. Digging deeply in Mathematica and refactoring a megabyte of user code with a few thousand global variables are both daily routine. After an interactive debugger for Mathematica and a graph theory package, he wrote an object orientation application for Mathematica, called Objectica.

Leibbrandt teaches Mathematica courses for companies working in the fields of optics, finances, aviation, computer science, mechanical engineering, electronics, and chemistry. He has been teaching Mathematica courses since 1997. He wrote the third edition of a book on Visual Basic (ISBN 978-3-8362-1171-0). His experience with other programming languages like C++, SQL, Fortran, Pascal, VB, C#, and Java facilitates his understanding from the point of view of Mathematica novices.


Symbols and Numbers, Mathematische Software GbR, Aachen, Germany


Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen University


German, English, French


Physics, astronomy, being in nature