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Jacqueline Zizi

Jacqueline Zizi

Jacqueline Zizi has used Mathematica since 1991 and was a visiting scholar at Wolfram Research in 1996. Using Mathematica as a programming language, she has programmed several systems, including Zombie, a simulation tool for boat navigation; Graph Explorer, a system intended to solve a Mathieu group theory conjecture about graph invariants; Garzi, a small physics system to study coalescence; and Bio Explorer, a system for better understanding protein folding. Jacqueline is also the author of a series of French books called Mathématiques, Informatique et Enseignement [Mathematics, Computer Science and Teaching]. This series was written to answer a demand in the French educational system for the first two years at the university level. Jacqueline has written another book for this level called Mathematica pour classes préparatoires et DEUG scientifiques, published by Springer-Verlag.

Jacqueline has taught mathematics at several levels for 20 years and computer science for 10 years, focusing on Lisp programming, artificial intelligence, and Mathematica. In 1993 at the Wolfram Research Mathematica days in Paris, Jacqueline taught the French course in Mathematica programming.


Palaiseau, France


French certification to teach Mathematics
Master of Mathematics, Paris XI—Orsay University
Master of Computer Science (with a specialty in artificial intelligence), Paris VI—University


French, English


Interactions between mathematics and computer science, family, sports in nature (swimming, cycling, and skiing), associative local life