Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Interactive Course

Wolfram Summer School Lectures 2017

Level: Intermediate

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Wolfram Summer School provides unique educational and career opportunities at the frontiers of science, technology and innovation. Follow the 2017 summer school curriculum with video lectures from Wolfram certified instructors, Wolfram technology experts and Stephen Wolfram himself. Lectures range from introductory coding for non-programmers to advanced topics and applications, with additional education track lectures.

You'll Learn To

Develop and explore ideas using the unique Wolfram approach

Write effective Wolfram Language code

Configure and style notebooks for a variety of workflows

Efficiently import, structure and manipulate data

Apply advanced Wolfram Language functionality in a range of areas

Use emerging AI technology for advanced data analytics

Deploy forms, APIs and more to the Wolfram Cloud

Interface with external devices, services and systems

Bring computational thinking to the classroom


It's free and easy to get started with open interactive courses using the Wolfram Cloud—sign in with your Wolfram ID or create one. No plan is required. This interactive course includes lecture videos and notebooks along with a scratch notebook to work on your own code.

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