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Interactive Course

Wolfram Summer School Lectures 2018

Level: Intermediate

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Wolfram Summer School provides unique educational and career opportunities at the frontiers of science, technology and innovation. Follow along with the 2018 summer school video lectures and notebooks in this interactive course while you run examples for yourself in the Wolfram Cloud. Topics range from learning the Wolfram Language to software development, machine learning and cryptography.

You'll Learn To

Work with Wolfram Notebooks

Write basic code in the Wolfram Language

Use advanced built-in functions

Analyze data for digital humanities projects

Process images and audio data

Utilize state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

Interact with blockchains and cryptography

Appreciate the art of software development


It's free and easy to get started with open interactive courses using the Wolfram Cloud—sign in with your Wolfram ID or create one. No plan is required. This interactive course includes lecture videos and notebooks along with a scratch notebook to work on your own code.

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