Your Teacher Tuesday Offer -- October 11, 2011

Check here every Tuesday for your Teacher Tuesday special--offering free teacher resources, exclusive discounts, and the opportunity to win some great Mathematica-related prizes...
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Your Teacher Tuesday Offer -- October 11, 2011

Postby Kathy_Bautista » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:33 am

Several new videos, presentation notebooks, and sample classroom materials from the Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011 are now available to download. Here's how you can access them for FREE and immediately start using the classroom examples they contain in your own classes.

STEP 1: Log in here.
STEP 2: Pick the materials you want to download. Here are some that may be of particular interest...

The Equation for Classroom Success: Mathematica for Teaching and Student Use
  • Video
  • Presentation materials (.zip); Highlights include:
    • Solids of Revolution sample class handout
    • Trigonometric Functions sample lab exercise
    • Calculus sample quiz

Calculators Are for Calculating; Mathematica Is for Calculus
  • Video
  • Presentation materials (.zip); Highlights include:
    • Squeeze theorem sample courseware
    • Derivatives sample lab activity
    • Newton's method sample tutorial
    • World population sample lab activity

Mathematica for Engineering Education
  • Video
  • Presentation materials (.nb); Highlights include sample dynamic models covering the following topics:
    • Mechanical relationships: A simple lever with two masses (Mechanical)
    • Signals and systems: Low-pass RC filter (Electrical)
    • Circuit analysis: Simplest chaotic circuit (Electrical)
    • Thermodynamics: Proportional temperature control (Mechanical, Industrial)
    • Gear design (Mechanical Engineering)
    • Static longitudinal stability of fixed wing aircraft (Aerospace)
    • Orbital dynamics in field of two planets (Aerospace)
    • Beam under different loading conditions (Civil, Materials Science)
    • Steady-states of a nonlinear chemical system (Chemical, Industrial)
    • Visualizing solutions to systems represented by differential equations


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