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Postby Tom_DeVries » Tue Mar 23, 2010 10:08 pm


My name is Tom De Vries and I teach math for an online school high school.

I am always looking for simple ways to extend my Mathematica knowledge, and to use that to create handouts, graphics for lessons, etc.

The documentation is good, but often well documented examples from other teachers are probably more at the level I would understand, and more helpful for me for my own teaching purposes.

I guess my URL wasn't working, but it would be great to have some kind of forum where teachers using Mathematica could actually post files and share utilities.

The Demonstrations project is brilliant, I've found many useful things there, and it's such a great help that the files are able to be downloaded as "source code" and looked at.

In some cases though, it's very compact and difficult to decipher for a "moderate" user. Sometimes I wished I could get just a small snippet of the functionality of a demonstration to work for something else, but I simply didn't have the knowledge to pull one strand out of the entire spool....

I guess if I knew more people would get into this I could get a file sharing account to post files.

If any other teachers have similar kinds of things to share, I would appreciate this forum as a means to help each other out, especially at the "lower end" of the math spectrum.

All the best,

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Re: Utilities

Postby Tasha_Dunaway » Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:27 pm

Hi, Tom!

I was just speaking to another high school educator last week who echoed your sentiments. This teacher in particular was using the Wolfram Demonstrations Project to teach classes like "Business of Healthcare" which I found very interesting.

He agreed with you that if other teachers would be willing to share their stories and the utilities they have developed with Mathematica, or even with the Demonstrations Project, the collaboration would greatly benefit teachers who don't have much time to develop new content for every lesson.

Thank you for sharing your story--I encourage everyone to share their stories and resources, then with your permission we can archive them for your colleagues to use!


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