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Calculus Using Mathematica
Calculus Using Mathematica
by K.D. Stroyan
  • Publisher: Academic Press
  • Year: 1993
  • ISBN: 0126729778 (Hardcover)
  • Book Includes: Floppy disk
Designed for the three-semester calculus course. Features Mathematica notebooks on diskette for symbolic manipulation and graphics generation. Includes separate Scientific Projects and Mathematical Background volume which provides interdisciplinary applications illustrating concepts under discussion. Contents
Using Calculus to Model Epidemics | Numerics, Symbolics and Graphics in Science | Linearity vs. Local Linearity | Direct Computation of Increments | Symbolic Differentiation | Basic Applications of Differentiation | The Natural Logarithm and Exponential | Graphs and the Derivative | Velocity, Acceleration and Calculus | Maxima and Minima in One Variable | Discrete Dynamical Systems | Basic Integration | Symbolic Integration | Applications of Integration | Basic Vector Geometry | Analytical Vector Geometry | Linear Functions and Graphs in Several Variables | Differentiation of Functions of Several Variables | Maxima and Minima in Several Variables | Continuous Dynamical Systems | Autonomous Linear Dynamical Systems | Equilibria of Continuous Dynamical Systems | Geometric Series | Power Series | The Edge of Convergence Related Topics
Calculus and Analysis
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