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Mechanics and Dynamical Systems with Mathematica
Mechanics and Dynamical Systems with Mathematica
by Nicola Bellomo, Luigi Preziosi, Antonio Romano
  • Publisher: Birkhauser
  • Year: 2000
  • ISBN: 081764007X (Hardcover)
  • 417 pp
A text for advanced students and practitioners in mechanics, scientific computing, physics, and mathematical modeling. Provides a systematic and unified treatment of mechanics and dynamical systems, addressing modeling, qualitative analysis, and simulations of physical systems using ordinary differential equations. Mathematica is used to present the scientific computational components in worked examples and end-of-chapter problems. Contents
Models and Differential Equations | Models and Mathematical Problems | Stability and Perturbation Methods | Newtonian Dynamics | Rigid Body Dynamics | Energy Methods and Lagrangian Mechanics | Deterministic and Stochastic Models in Applied Sciences | Chaotic Dynamics, Stability, and Bifurcations | Discrete Models of Continuous Systems | Appendix I: Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations | Appendix II: Kinematics, Applied Forces, Momentum and Mechanical Energy | Appendix III: Scientific Programs Related Topics
Calculus and Analysis
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