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Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
Physical Chemistry: Quantum Mechanics
by Horia Metiu
  • Publisher: Taylor and Francis
  • Year: 2006
  • ISBN: 0815340877 (Paperback)
  • 481 pp
  • Book Includes: CD-ROM
This is an undergraduate textbook on physical chemistry published as four separate paperback volumes. It combines a thorough presentation of the theoretical and mathematical aspects of the subject with examples and applications drawn from current industrial and academic research and actual experimental data.

The books closely integrate theoretical chemistry teachings with industrial and laboratory practice, providing a realistic grounding for future practicing chemists and engineers. Each volume includes Mathematica workbooks on CD-ROM. Contents
Why Quantum Mechanics? | Dynamic Variables and Operators | The Eigenvalue Problem | What Do We Measure When We Study Quantum Systems? | Some Results Are Certain, Most Are Just Probable | The Physical Interpretation of the Wave Function | Tunneling | Particle in a Box | Light Emission and Absorption: The Phenomena | Light Emission and Absorption: Einstein's Phenomenological Theory | Light Absorption: The Quantum Theory | Light Emission and Absorption by a Particle in a Box and a Harmonic Oscillator | Two-Particle Systems | Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics | Two-Particle Systems: The Radial and Angular Schrödinger Equations | The Energy Eigenstates of a Diatomic Molecule | Diatomic Molecule: Its Spectroscopy | The Hydrogen Atom | The Spin of the Electron and Its Role in Spectroscopy | The Electronic Structure of Molecules: The H2 Molecule | Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Electron Spin Resonance | Appendix A1: Values of Some Physical Constants | Appendix A2: Energy Conversion Factors Related Topics
Chemistry, Engineering, Physics
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