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Differential Equations & Linear Algebra, fourth edition
Differential Equations & Linear Algebra, fourth edition
by C. Henry Edwards, David E. Penney, David Calvis
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • Year: 2018
  • ISBN: 9780134497181 (Hardcover)
  • 739 pp
  • Book Includes: website
  • Based on: Version 10
In a contemporary introduction to differential equations and linear algebra, acclaimed authors Edwards and Penney combine core topics in elementary differential equations with concepts and methods of elementary linear algebra. Renowned for its real-world applications and blend of algebraic and geometric approaches, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra introduces you to mathematical modeling of real-world phenomena and offers the best problems sets in any differential equations and linear algebra textbook. The 4th Edition includes fresh new computational and qualitative flavor evident throughout in figures, examples, problems, and applications. An Expanded Applications website containing expanded applications and programming tools including Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha is now available. Additional Resources
Publisher's Expanded Applications website Related Topics
Algebra, Calculus and Analysis
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