AI: Lessons Learned from Wolfram Technical Services Projects
2 October 2019 | 18:00 to 20:00 | Microsoft Reactor London

You want to apply AI to your data to get new insights, but how easy is that?

Automation is making it possible for anyone to make use of AI, but hidden barriers and dangers lurk below the surface. Mark Braithwaite will share experiences from Wolfram Research Technical Services projects across a range of industries to distil some key lessons learned. He will also use live Wolfram Language coding demonstrations to show how the right combination of approach and technology can achieve a successful outcome.

Examples will be drawn from health-, energy-, manufacturing-, finance- and media-related industries.


  • 18:00—Registration starts
  • 18:15—Talk starts
  • 19:15—Q&A starts
  • 19:30—Networking

Who Should Attend?

  • Data scientists, data analysts, technologists
  • Software developers, engineers
  • Anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence

About the Speaker

Mark Braithwaite, senior technical specialist at Wolfram Research, is responsible for developing AI and technical solutions for customer projects. Mark has built a reputation as an exciting speaker delivering livecoding demonstrations and data science and AI talks across Europe. He also develops technical content for our customer training programmes, including multiple courses about the application of Wolfram technology to data science and machine learning.

Company Intro

Best known for Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha, Wolfram Research has been pioneering computational intelligence and scientific innovation for over three decades. Wolfram provides a highly integrated technology stack for multiparadigm data science, including the very latest methods in machine learning, computer vision, predictive analytics and automated reporting.

All of these applications and many more are unified by the Wolfram Language, a robust computational language with the largest integrated collection of algorithms ever assembled.

As well as providing technology, Wolfram's Technical Services group can lead or support your data projects from innovation to deployment.