Wolfram Technology Conference 2011—October 19–21, 2011 | Wolfram Headquarters, Champaign, Illinois, USA



Both a Logo and an Exhibit: Mathematica and the Museum of Mathematics Logo Concept

with Chris Carlson

The forthcoming Museum of Mathematics doesn't have a logo. It has an infinite family of logos implemented with Mathematica. The logos the museum actually uses will be designed by its visitors, and will be continually changing. Hear how the concept came about, how it is being put to use, and what the challenges have been in implementing it.

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Brett Champion

Visualization Framework

with Brett Champion

Brett Champion

Visualization Functions

with Brett Champion

Mathematica Graphics Language and New Features

with Chris Hill/Yuzhu Lu

This talk will give a simple introduction of the Mathematica 2D/3D graphics language and new features. It will also provide some examples to show audiences how to build their own visualization functions with the graphic language.

Creating Effective Visualizations

with Nirmal Malapaka

Making the Most of Information Visualization Functions

with MinHsuan Peng

How do you create rich visualizations, from processing data to controlling layout and rendering to get the perfect visualization? Covering topics such as styling, labeling, legending, and interaction.

*During the conference, not only will you hear about what's new, but you will also be privy to details about what's on the horizon in talks given by Wolfram executives, developers, and more. As such, you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to attend our talks labeled "NDA".