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A Workout in Computational Finance
Author: Michael Aichinger, Andreas Binder
ISBN: 9781119971917
Year: 2013
Astrophysics through Computation: With Mathematica Support
Author: Brian Koberlein, David D. Meisel
ISBN: 9781107010741
Year: 2013
Introduction to Mathematica for Physicists
Author: A. Grozin
ISBN: 9783319008936
Year: 2014
Introduction to Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers Using Mathematica
Author: Kuzman Adzievski, Abul Hasan Siddigi
ISBN: 9781466510562
Year: 2014
Programming with Mathematica, An Introduction
Author: Paul R. Wellin
ISBN: 9781107009462
Year: 2013
Topology of Digital Images, Visual Pattern Discovery in Proximity Spaces
Author: James F. Peters
ISBN: 9783642538445
Year: 2014
Working Knowledge, STEM Essentials for the 21st Century
Author: Karl Hess
ISBN: 9781461432746
Year: 2013
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