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Animating Calculus, Second Edition
Animating Calculus, Second Edition
by Ed Packel, Stan Wagon
  • Publisher: TELOS/Springer-Verlag
  • Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 0387947485 (Paperback)
  • 287 pp
  • Book Includes: Floppy disk
Designed to help students explore calculus and visualize concepts through the use of computation and animation. Can be used for self-study, demonstration, or as a laboratory supplement to an existing calculus sequence. Standard calculus topics as well as new and unusual extensions and applications are presented. Contents
Initiation | Plotting | Derivatives: Measuring the Rate of Change | The Race to Infinity | Indeterminate Limits and L'Hopital's Rule | Using Calculus to Land an Airplane | Max-Min Methods: Mind Meets Machine | Staying on Track with Newton's Method | Population Dynamics, Iteration, and Chaos | What is an Integral? | The Fundamental Theorem | The Needle Problem | Integration by Machine | Numerical Integration | Differential Equations and Euler's Method | Probability and Calculus | Roses, Snails and Butterflies | Rolling Wheels | Infinite Series of Constants | Rhythm and Dissonance in the Harmonic Series | Polynomial Approximation and Taylor Series | A Deceptive Definite Integral | Appendix 1: Troubleshooting | Appendix 2: Usage Messages for Animating Calculus Objects Related Topics
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