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Calculus Live
Calculus Live
by Wiley and Sons
  • Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 0471317888 (CD-ROM)
CD-ROM version of Calculus: Single and Multivariable by Hughes-Hallet, Gleason, McCallum, et al. Includes the entire text in electronic form. Lets students browse through each section of the textbook or search for topics using the sophisticated Mathematica Help Browser. Also includes a special limited version of the Mathematica kernel and built-in computational tools that present a series of dialog boxes that guide input and eliminate the need for up-front training. These tools give students the ability to make their own plots, compute integrals, solve systems of equations, or modify and redisplay functions, tables, and graphics. Related Topics
Calculus and Analysis
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