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Explorations in Quantum Computing
Explorations in Quantum Computing
by Colin P. Williams, Scott H. Clearwater
  • Publisher: TELOS/Springer-Verlag
  • Year: 1998
  • ISBN: 038794768X (Hardcover)
  • 307 pp
  • Book Includes: CD-ROM
Explains the burgeoning developments in quantum computing theory in simple terms and describes the key technological hurdles that must be overcome in order to make quantum computers a reality. Companion CD-ROM contains Mathematica notebook providing simulations and tutorials on the topics covered. Contents
Computer Technology Meets Quantum Reality | The Capabilities of Computing Machinery | Quantum Mechanics and Computers | Simulating a Simple Quantum Computer | The Effects of Imperfections | Breaking Unbreakable Codes | True Randomness | Quantum Cryptography | Quantum Teleportation | Quantum Error Correction | How to Make a Quantum Computer | Appendix Related Topics
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