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Mathematica for Calculus-Based Physics
Mathematica for Calculus-Based Physics
by Marvin L. DeJong
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Year: 1999
  • ISBN: 020160339X (Paperback)
  • 257 pp
Intended for physics students in their first two years of study. Can be used as a lab workbook to accompany a calculus-based physics course or as an independent study guide Contents
Calculations, Formulas, and Equations: A Mathematica Sampler | Functions, Derivatives, and Numerical Integration | Raindrops, Pebbles and Shuttlecocks: Objects Falling in Air | Vectors, Baseballs, Planets, and Moonshots | Using Mathematica to Do Traditional Physics Problems | Potential Energy and Conservative Forces | Newton's Second Law Is a Differential Equation | Topics in Linear Momentum and Gravitation | Oscillatory Motion | Topics in Wave Motion | Electric Potential Problems | Electrical Circuits | Return to Chaos | Mathematica in the Laboratory | Additional Topics on Waves Related Topics
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