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Calculus Explorations using Mathematica
Calculus Explorations using Mathematica
by Allen Hibbard
  • Publisher: Saunders College Publishing
  • Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 0030174244 (Paperback)
  • 193 pp
A laboratory supplement for any calculus course that uses a set of Mathematica notebooks to illustrate mathematical concepts. Contents
An Introduction to Mathematica | Basic Tools for our ToolBox | The Old Transformed into New: Transforming Functions | Machine Graphics and Families of Functions | The Derivative: A First Look | The Derivative: A Second Look | The Limit: The Key to Calculus | The Derivative: A Third Look | The Value of a Mean Theorem | In the Best Possible Worlds: Optimization | Polynomials Tailored for a Curve | Newton's Method: Getting to the Root of a Function | Parametric Equations | An Introduction to Area | Approximations to Area | Numerical Integration | Putting the Integral to Work | Next in the Sequence of Labs | One More in a Series | The Power of Series | Differential Equations | Going in Circles: Polar Plotting | Appendix Related Topics
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