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Mastering Mathematica: Programming Methods and Applications, Second Edition
Mastering Mathematica: Programming Methods and Applications, Second Edition
by John W. Gray
  • Publisher: Academic Press
  • Year: 1997
  • ISBN: 0122961056 (Paperback)
  • 629 pp
  • Book Includes: CD-ROM
Addresses the use of Mathematica as a symbolic manipulator, a programminglanguage, and a general tool for knowledge representation. Completelyupdated for use with Mathematica Version 3. Focuses on four different typesof programming styles with Mathematica: functional, rewrite (orrule-based), imperative (or procedural), and object-oriented. Includeschapters on graphics and package programming. Accompanying CD-ROM containsthe complete text in notebook format, with the index automatically mergingwith the main Mathematica help system. Contents
Part I: Mastering Mathematica as a Symbolic Pocket Calculator:A Quick Trip through Elementary Mathematics | Interacting with Mathematica | More about Numbers and Equations | Built-in Graphics and SoundPart II: Mastering Mathematica as a Programming Language:The Mathematica Language | Functional Programming | Rule-Based Programming| Procedural Programming | Object-Oriented Programming | GraphicsProgramming | Some Finer Points | Polya Pattern Analysis | Object-OrientedGraph Theory | Differentiable Mappings | Critical Points and MinimalSurfaces | Answers Related Topics
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