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Voting Theory for Democracy
Voting Theory for Democracy
by Thomas Cool
  • Publisher: http://www.dataweb.nl/~cool
  • Year: 2007
  • ISBN: 978-90-804774-5-2
  • 342 pp
The book develops the theory from first basics to an advanced level, using Mathematica for the steps in the discussion. Confusions around Arrow's Theorem are clarified, and the Borda Fixed Point method is developed as an attractive method that compromises between the Borda and Condorcet methods. The book has been written so that it can be used "as is", but when one also has the software (that is included in The Economics Pack from the same author and publisher) then one has an interactive working or study environment where the software takes away the tediousness of voting calculations.

Note: The software has been updated for Mathematica 5.2. Contents
Voting theory and programs | Getting started | Items, voters, preferences and morals | Basic schemes | Combined schemes | Strategic voting | Probability | Measuring utility | Theoretical base | Evaluation of Arrow's Theorem | Conclusion Additional Resources
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Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Economics and Finance, Engineering, Probability and Statistics, Social Sciences
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