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Iteración y fractales (con Mathematica)
Iteración y fractales (con Mathematica)
by Gustavo N. Rubiano O.
  • Publisher: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9789587192087 (Hardcover)
  • 248 pp
An introductory book to the world of fractal sets suitable for any reader with basic knowledge in mathematics. The author makes a clear exposition of many of the basic concepts of fractal geometry, a description that comes with clear instructions on how to generate these sets with the program Mathematica. Contents
El Concepto de Fractal | Iteracion | Conjuntos de Julia | El Conjunto de Mandelbrot | Dinamica de Poblaciones | Sistemas de Funciones Iteradad | Plantas y L-Sistemas | Introduccion Breve a Mathematica Related Topics
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