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David Mitchell
Mathematica can run its calculations on other computers that have Mathematica installed. Passing computations to other, potentially more powerful, machines can increase the efficiency of your work. Learn more in this "How to" screencast.
Mathematica gives you control over the behavior of most functions by providing options that you can customize. Learn more about finding available options for functions in this "How to" screencast.
Mathematica provides several convenient ways to find information about functions. In addition to searching the documentation or navigating the guide pages, you can access documentation on functions directly from within your notebook. Learn more in this "How to" screencast.
David Mitchell
Mathematica usually works silently, giving output only when it has finished doing the calculations you asked for. However, Mathematica will produce an audible beep when the front end encounters an error. Learn more in this "How to" screencast.
When working in Mathematica, you will often find it useful to view groups of functions that relate to a specific subject area or set of tasks. The Documentation Center includes guide pages and the function navigator for this purpose. Learn more in this "How to" screencast.
You can search for help from within Mathematica or on Wolfram Research websites. Learn more in this "How to" screencast.
The Virtual Book is a browsable electronic collection of all the Mathematica tutorials grouped according to functionality. It is an excellent place for users of all experience levels to gain more detailed knowledge of Mathematica. Learn more in this "How to" screencast.