Wolfram Publicon--Technical Publishing Made Easy  
"Technical professionals will relish Publicon's tools for creating and searching mathematical and chemical formula notations. Academics, lawyers, researchers and others will benefit from its ease of including citations, cross-references and other complex document elements."

Peter Coffee
eWeek Magazine

Wolfram Research is transforming the way the world publishes technical documents with Wolfram Publicon--an integrated solution for composing documents in XML and other structured data formats.

Publicon provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for creating publication-quality technical documents that integrate text, searchable typeset equations, graphics, hyperlinks, endnotes, and references. Built-in palettes, templates, and style sheets simplify the creation of documents that conform to established formats but also allow for complete customization.

Designed for engineers, physicists, chemists, bioscientists, and anyone else who needs to create or publish technical documents, Publicon allows files to be exported to HTML, XML, or LaTeX, or saved in Wolfram Research's platform-independent notebook file format. With Publicon, technical authors have a complete system in which to write, while publishers have the convenience of editing submissions in whatever format is best for them.

Publicon's combined ease of use and cutting-edge technology makes it the first choice for composing structured technical documents for electronic or print publication.



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