Enter a new world where every document is interactive and every concept comes with an application. It's a transformation that's already accelerating research, education, technical communication--and progress.

And it's possible through two major advances: Mathematica's automated interface development, and full-featured Mathematica Player 7 deployment engines. Together, these dramatically lower the threshold for building in interactivity and deploying applications--making both practical in a far wider range of cases than ever before.
Interactive deployment: basics
Interactive deployment: case studies
About Mathematica Player 7
About Mathematica Player Pro 7
Player 7 vs. Player Pro 7 vs. Mathematica 7
Large-scale and commercial deployment with the Player family
Read Conrad Wolfram's blog post, "The Day That Documents and Applications Merged."
FAQs and technical developer guidelines
Not sure which deployment solution is right for you? Ask us here.

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