Deployment options for Mathematica have changed!

Since the release of Mathematica 8, you can directly export to the Computable Document Format (CDF). Interactive CDF files can run in both Mathematica 8 and 9 and the free Wolfram CDF Player.

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Welcome to the Publish for Mathematica Player 7 web service—the tool that converts Mathematica 6 and 7 notebooks for use with the free Mathematica Player 7 while retaining the notebook's interactivity.

Publishing for Mathematica Player 7 is an easy process, completed within seconds. Just upload your notebook via the form below, fill in a few details, and we'll email you a link so you can download the converted version. Because this is a free service, only some uses of the converted notebook are permitted. Select yours below or find out more about other deployment options.

Converted notebooks have a licensing stripe inserted at the top to inform Mathematica Player 7 users of your licensing selection. This will not be visible to Player Pro or Mathematica users.

I confirm that I want to convert my notebook principally for (select one):

Educational purposes at a not-for-profit, educational institution.
Licensing stripe: "Notebook for Educational Use Only"
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Publicly accessible or published research content
Licensing stripe: "Freely Distributable Notebook"
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Demonstration purposes, including at commercial or governmental organizations
Licensing stripe: "Notebook for Demonstration Purposes Only"
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None of the above. I am interested in commercial distribution »

In addition, I confirm that:
  • I abide by all licensing terms listed here »
  • This notebook is not to be sold or included in a sold service, or cost-recovered within an organization.
  • The content of this notebook does not infringe upon any copyright or other proprietary right of any party.

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Terms of use for conversion service »

You may want to check the technical guidelines for making notebooks work in Player before you convert.

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