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Physical Chemistry using Mathematica
Physical Chemistry using Mathematica
by Joseph H. Noggle
  • Publisher: HarperCollins
  • Year: 1996
  • ISBN: 0673525295 (Paperback)
  • 374 pp
This book is designed to help even the novice user learn to use the most important features of Mathematica and apply them to physical chemistry problem solving. The material is meant to accompany Physical Chemistry by Joseph Noggle, although it is relevant to any standard phsyical chemistry text. An included diskette contains the "notebook" files that are listed in the appendix of the book. Contents
Introduction | Properties of Matter | The First Law of Thermodynamics | The Second Law of Thermodynamics | Equilibrium in Pure Substances | Statistical Thermodynamics | Chemical Reactions | Solutions | Ionic Solutions | Transport Properties | Chemical Kinetics | Quantum Theory | Atoms | Diatomic Molecules | Polyatomic Molecules | Mathematica Notebooks Related Topics
Chemistry, Physics
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