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The Beginner's Guide to Mathematica Version 4
The Beginner's Guide to Mathematica Version 4
by Jerry Glynn, Theodore W. Gray
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Year: 2000
  • ISBN: 0521771536 (Hardcover)
  • 434 pp
An updated version of the popular tutorial and reference suitable for all beginning Mathematica users. Teaches the basics of Version 4 of Mathematica, including its new high speed numerics, statistics and data analysis, and image processing. Also contains chapters on the interactive system for typesetting equations, using style sheets, defining functions, creating graphs and notebooks, and applying problem-solving techniques. Contents
The Basics | For Users of Older Versions of Mathematica | Speaking to Mathematica | Lists, Tables, Vectors, and Matrices | Numerical Calculations | Algebra | Packages | Two-Dimensional Plotting | Three-Dimensional Plotting | Other Graphics and Sounds | Calculus | Text and Document Features in Mathematica | Programming | Programming the Front End | Mathematics and Science Education | Mathematica and the Internet | Statistics and Data Analysis Related Topics
Tutorial and Reference
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