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Exploring Calculus with Mathematica (earlier edition)
Exploring Calculus with Mathematica (earlier edition)
by James K. Finch, Millianne Lehmann
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Year: 1992
  • ISBN: 0201555727 (Paperback)
  • 341 pp
  • Book Includes: Floppy disk
Designed for students in a self-paced or laboratory setting. Presents problems and explorations in calculus that can be completed with Mathematica in such areas as polynomial functions and their derivatives, rational functions and asymptotes, and numerical integration. Appendices include a glossary of Mathematica commands and answers to selected problems. Contents
Using Graphs and Tables | The Rocket Problem | Curves and Slopes | Fermat's Method of Limits | Polynomial Functions and Their Derivatives | Rational Functions and Asymptotes | Continuation of the Rocket Problem | The Mean Value Theorem | Assignments and Definitions in Mathematica | Sines and Cosines | Derivatives of Sines and Cosines | Projectile Motion and Parametric Equations | Area Predicting Formulas | Area Between Curves | Average Value of a Continuous Function | Arc Length and Mathematica Procedures | Euler's Method | The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus | Numerical Integration | The Exponential Function and e | Exponential Decay | Projectile Motion in a Resisting Medium | Surfaces | 3D Critical Points | Constrained Optimization in Two Variables | Appendixes Related Topics
Calculus and Analysis
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