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The MathML Handbook
The MathML Handbook
by Pavi Sandhu
  • Publisher: Charles River Media
  • Year: 2003
  • ISBN: 1584502495
  • 518 pp
  • Book Includes: CD-ROM
This resource for the new technology of displaying mathematics on the web provides a detailed tutorial introduction to MathML, the XML-based markup language, and includes many examples to illustrate the syntax. The book begins with an overview of MathML and its practical applications. It then moves on to a clear exposition of the basic concepts of MathML, including XML syntax, presentation markup, content markup, and combined markup. Additional chapters deal with advanced topics such as using CSS and XSLT style sheets to control the display of MathML, converting TeX equations to MathML, and using JavaScript with MathML to create dynamic math websites featuring interactive equations. The book will be useful to anyone interested in working with mathematics on the web, including scientists, engineers, web developers, publishers, teachers, and students. Contents
Introduction to MathML | XML Primer | Fundamentals of MathML | Presentation Markup | Content Markup | Combining Presentation and Content Markup | Displaying MathML in Web Browsers | Applying Styles and Transformations | Authoring and Editing MathML | Converting between TeX and MathML | Using MathML for Computations | Creating Dynamic Math Web Pages | Presentation Elements | Content Elements | MathML Characters Related Topics
Tutorial and Reference
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