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Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus, with Student Solutions Manual
Precalculus: A Prelude to Calculus, with Student Solutions Manual
by Sheldon Axler
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
  • Year: 2008
  • ISBN: 9780471614432 (Paperback)
  • 540 pp
  • Based on: Version 6
Designed to be read by students, this book--written using Mathematica 6--focuses on topics needed for success in calculus, and prepares students for integral calculus. Includes a preface for instructors and step-by-step solutions for odd-numbered exercises so that students can model their own applications of what they’ve learned. In addition, chapter openers and end-of-chapter summaries highlight the material to be studied.

The author, Sheldon Axler, is the recipient of a Mathematical Association of America award in expository writing. Contents
The Real Numbers | Functions and Their Graphs | Linear, Quadratic, Polynomial, and Rational Functions | Exponents and Logarithms | Area, e, and the Natural Logarithm | Trigonometric Functions | Applications of Trigonometry | Sequences, Series, and Limits Related Topics
Algebra, Calculus and Analysis, Geometry
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