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A First Course in Mathematical Modeling, Fourth Edition
A First Course in Mathematical Modeling, Fourth Edition
by Frank R. Giordano, William P. Fox, Steven B. Horton, Maurice D. Weir
  • Publisher: Brooks/Cole
  • Year: 2009
  • ISBN: 9780495011590 (Hardcover)
  • 620 pp
  • Book Includes: CD-ROM
  • Based on: Version 6
This book delivers a balance of theory and practice, and provides relevant, hands-on experience to develop your modeling skills. The book emphasizes key facets of modeling, including creative and empirical model construction, model analysis, and model research, and provides myriad opportunities for practice.

The authors apply a six-step problem-solving process to enhance the problem-solving capabilities of readers of all levels. They first help readers learn how to identify problems, construct or select models, and figure out what data needs to be collected. By involving you in the mathematical process as early as possible—beginning with short projects—this text facilitates your progressive development and confidence in mathematics and modeling. Contents
Modeling Change | The Modeling Process, Proportionality, and Geometric Similarity | Model Fitting | Experimental Modeling | Simulation Modeling | Discrete Probabilistic Modeling | Optimization of Discrete Models | Modeling Using Graph Theory | Dimensional Analysis and Similitude | Graphs of Functions as Models | Modeling with a Differential Equation | Modeling with Systems of Differential Equations | Optimization of Continuous Models | Appendices Related Topics
Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation
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