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Ranked Set Sampling
Ranked Set Sampling
by Munir Ahmad, Muhammad Hanif, Hassen A. Muttlak
  • Publisher: Cambridge Scholars
  • Year: 2010
  • ISBN: 9781443824941 (Hardcover)
  • 225 pp
Ranked Set Sampling is one of the new areas of study in this region of the world and is a growing subject of research. Recently, researchers have paid attention to the development of the types of sampling; though it was not welcome in the beginning, it has numerous advantages over the classical sampling techniques. Ranked Set Sampling is doubly random and can be used in any survey designs. The Pakistan Journal of Statistics had attracted statisticians and samplers around the world to write up aspects of Ranked Set Sampling. All of the essays in this book have been reviewed by many critics. This volume can be used as a reference book for postgraduate students in economics, social sciences, medical and biological sciences, and statistics. The subject is still a hot topic for MPhil and PhD students for their dissertations. Contents
Stratified Ranked Set Sample | Using Ranked Set Samples for Hypothesis tests on the Scale Parameter of the Exponential and Uniform Distributions | A Note on Bayesian Estimation using Ranked Set Sample | Recent Developments in Ranked Set Sampling | Random Ranked Set Samples | Extreme Ranked Set Sampling : A Comparison with Regression and Ranked Set Sampling Estimators | Variance Estimation for the Location-scale Family Distributions using Ranked Set Sampling | New Median Ranked Set Sampling | Statical Quality Control based on Pair and Selected Ranked Set Sampling | Modified Ranked Set Sampling Methods | Estimation of Reliability based on Exponential Distribution and Ranked Set Sample | Estimation of Quantiles of Uniform Distribution using Generalized Ranked-Set Sampling | Multistage Median Ranked Set Samples for Estimating the Population Mean | Double Quartile Ranked Set Samples | Multistage Quartile Ranked Set Samples | Modified Ratio Estimator for the Population Mean using Double Median Ranked Set Sampling Related Topics
Economics and Finance, Social Sciences
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