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Mathematics: Powerful Patterns in Nature and Society
Mathematics: Powerful Patterns in Nature and Society
by Harry Henderson
  • Publisher: Chelsea House
  • Year: 2007
  • ISBN: 9780816057504 (Hardcover)
  • 170 pp
Mathematics: Powerful Patterns in Nature and Society is a fascinating overview of 10 individual who contributed significantly to the development of that science. Each chapter contains relevant information on the person's research, accomplished ethical or professional obstacles, and lasting contributions and concludes with a chronology and a list of particular print and Internet references. Contents
How Nature Counts: Leonardo of Pisa Discovers Fibonacci Numbers | Tools for Pattern-Finders: Karl Pearson and Statistics | Surmises and Simulations: John Von Neumann puts the Computer in Play | A Delicate Equilibrium: John Nash and Game Theory | Endless Structure: Benoit Mandelbrot Opens the Fractal Portal | On Butterfly Wings:Edward Lorenz and Chaos Theory | Games of Emergence: L John H. Conway, "Life," and Other Pastimes | From Cosmos to Mind: Roger Penrose Suggests Hidden Connections | Artificial Evolution: Christopher Langton Creates Virtual Life | A New Kind of Science? Stephen Wolfram and the Universal Automation Related Topics
Geometry, Number Theory, Physics
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