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Advanced Calculus Using Mathematica: Notebook Edition Version 2.0
Advanced Calculus Using Mathematica: Notebook Edition Version 2.0
by K.D. Stroyan
  • Medium: ebook
Advanced Calculus Using Mathematica: Notebook Edition is a complete text on calculus of several variables written in Mathematica Notebooks. The eText has large movable figures and interactive programs to illustrate things like "zooming in" to see "local linearity." In addition to lots of traditional style exercises, the eText also has sections on computing with Mathematica. Solutions to many exercises are in closed cells of the eText. Contents
Chapter 0: An Introduction to Mathematica & Calculus
Chapter 1: Basic Equations and Graphs
Chapter 2: Vector Geometry
Chapter 3: Derivatives and Graphs of Explicit Functions
Chapter 4: Implicit Curves, Surfaces, and Contour Plots
Chapter 5: Inverse and Implicit Functions
Chapter 6: Taylor's Formula in Several Variables
Chapter 7: Max-min in Several Variables
Chapter 8: Multiple Integrals in Cartesian Coordinates
Chapter 9: Parametric Curves
Chapter 10: Motion along Curves: Gas, Brakes, & Tires
Chapter 11: Vector Fields and Velocity Flows in 2D
Chapter 12: Green's Theorem, 2-D Divergence and Swirl
Chapter 13: Coordinate Systems in 2 Dimensions
Chapter 14: Path Integrals & Vector Fields in 3D
Chapter 15: Parametric Surfaces
Chapter 16: Curvature of Surfaces
Chapter 17: Coordinate Systems in 3 Dimensions
Chapter 18: Differential Forms
Chapter 19: Flow in 3D, Divergence & Curl
Chapter 20: Partial Differential Equations
Chapter 21: Infinite Series
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