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Toolbox for Mathematics, Mathematica Basic
Toolbox for Mathematics, Mathematica Basic
by Etsuo Miyaoka
  • Publisher: Kindai kagaku sha Co.,Ltd
  • Year: 2016
  • ISBN: 9784764905078
  • Based on: Version 10
Mathematica is a very powerful software that is widely used in manufacturers, research institutes, and universities as their definitive computing system, as well as by individuals. This book illustrates how Mathematica deals with what students learned at the high school and the beginning college levels of mathematics, by comparing the mathematical expressions and commands. In the latter half of this book, the mathematical expressions used in business and 3D schemes are discussed in details. This book also describes how to used the commands newly introduced in the version 10. This is a must-have book not only for the beginners of Mathematica, but the users who has upgraded to Mathematica version 10. Related Topics
Tutorial and Reference
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