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ElectroDynamics: A Novel Computational Approach
ElectroDynamics: A Novel Computational Approach
by James Rohlf, Kevin Reiss
  • Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781579550462 (ebook)
Written using Mathematica, ElectroDynamics is designed as an interactive standalone work aimed at the advanced undergraduate. The power of symbolic manipulation is used to calculate fields from common source distributions that are beyond the scope of a traditional text—for example, the exact magnetic field from a common bar magnet. Executable code is written in a style that is instantly readable because it mirrors traditional formulas. Numerical calculations feature an automatic check of units. Color vector 3D graphics are used liberally to visualize results. The set of nine notebooks covers statics, fields in materials, boundary value problems, conservation laws, waves and waveguides, potentials and fields of moving charges, radiation from a variety of source geometries, and relativistic transformation of potentials, forces and fields. There is enough material for a two-semester course. No prior knowledge of Mathematica is required.

To start the book and register your copy, download the free Wolfram Player and use it to open the Start Here notebook. Contents
Nine book chapters including chapter exercises.

1. Electrostatics
2. Magnetostatics
3. Electric Fields in Matter
4. Magnetic Fields in Matter
5. Changing Fields and Maxwell's Equations
6. Electromagnetic Waves
7. Potentials and Fields from Moving Point Charges
8. Radiating Systems
9. Relativistic Electrodynamics

View sample material from the book here. Related Topics
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