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Hello!! Wolfram|Alpha®
Hello!! Wolfram|Alpha®
by Suh Sang-Hun
  • Publisher: SpaceBooks
  • Year: 2022
  • ISBN: 9791197828409 (ebook)
Wolfram|Alpha(®) is a computational and knowledge base engine generated by Stephen Wolfram, the creator of Mathematica. Users request a calculation or search through the [Input field] or [Calculator], then Wolfram|Alpha provides results that are actually coming from the knowledge engine that contains carefully curated expert knowledge directly derived from primary sources. Most of the numerical calculations are performed based on the calculation program in Mathematica. If you are subscribed to Wolfram|Alpha Pro or have installed the mobile App of Wolfram|Alpha, you can even trace the step-by-step solution to most computational problems, which can be useful for self-tutoring and/or education. Wolfram|Alpha is mainly known only for mathematical calculation Engines, but users can search for answers in various areas such as science, technology, society, and culture using everyday language and get back expert-level answers through Wolfram|Alpha. This book consists of examples and explanations to introduce multi-dimensional features of Wolfram|Alpha. In the first part of this book, presented chapters are organized to cover high school Mathematics and university-level Engineering Mathematics courses. In the second part, presented topics are selected from the area that many young people are interested in such as space, astronomy, and earth science, plus issues closely related to everyday life such as people, health, and travel. Supplementary explanations are given based on Wikipedia where deemed necessary. Appendix A, Layout of Examples, summarizes all search fields provided by Wolfram|Alpha to make it easier to find your interests. Appendix B, List of Calculators, lists calculators built into Wolfram|Alpha as many as practical.

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