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Geometry, Language and Strategy
Geometry, Language and Strategy
by Gerald H. Thomas
  • Publisher: World Scientific
  • Year: 2006
  • ISBN: 9789812566171
  • 256 pp
Geometry, Language and Strategy is a way of looking at game theory or strategic decision-making from a scientific perspective, using standard equations from the fields of engineering and physics. To better approximate reality, it extends game theory beyond the two-player set piece.

The book begins where former game theory literature ends—with multi-person games on a world stage. It encompasses many of the variables encountered in strategic planning, using mathematics borrowed from physics and engineering, rather than the economic models which have not proven to be good in predicting reality. Contents
Flow of Strategic-Mass
Game Symmetries
Graphical Presentation
Applications and Open Problems
• Thermodynamics
• Symmetry in Differential Geometry
• Central Strategies
• Single Strategy Model
• Single Strategy Numerical Solutions
• Streamlines
• Player Fluid Related Topics
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