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Control Theory for Physicists
Control Theory for Physicists
by John Bechhoefer
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781107001183 (Hardcover)
  • 658 pp
Control theory, an interdisciplinary concept dealing with the behaviour of dynamical systems, is an important but often overlooked aspect of physics. This is the first broad and complete treatment of the topic tailored for physicists, one which goes from the basics right through to the most recent advances. Simple examples develop a deep understanding and intuition for the systematic principles of control theory, beyond the recipes given in standard engineering-focused texts. Up-to-date coverage of control of networks and complex systems, and a thorough discussion of the fundamental limits of control, including the limitations placed by causality, information theory, and thermodynamics are included. In addition it explores important recent advances in stochastic thermodynamics on the thermodynamic costs of information processing and control. For all students of physics interested in control theory, this classroom-tested, comprehensive approach to the topic with online solutions and further materials delivers both fundamental principles and current developments. Contents
Part I. Core Material:
1. Historical introduction
2. Dynamical systems
3. Frequency-domain control
4. Time-domain control
5. Discrete-time systems
6. System identification
Part II. Advanced Ideas:
7. Optimal control
8. Stochastic systems
9. Robust control
10. Adaptive control
11. Nonlinear control
Part III. Special Topics:
12. Discrete-state systems
13. Quantum control
14. Networks and complex systems
15. Limits to control
Related Topics
Engineering, Physics
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