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Based on the latest version of the Wolfram Language, Wolfram Finance Platform 2.6 expands functionality in blockchain technology, machine learning and neural networks, mathematical computation, system modeling and more, as well as introduces several new front end features.

Major new features in Finance Platform include:

Improved Machine Learning

Wolfram Finance Platform extends and improves its machine learning capabilities. New functions make it easy to extract features, reduce dimension, cluster data, optimize hyperparameters and obtain interpretable models. CUDA accelerated training makes machine learning on large datasets practical.

New in the Wolfram Language: Improved Machine Learning »
Documentation: Machine Learning »

Time Series & Signal Processing

Extended functionality includes the ability to allow for natural specifications such as monthly duration when applying a function over windows, as well as precise control over the resulting value's placement in time. Date and quantity support is more complete and natural.

New in the Wolfram Language: Time Series Processing »
Documentation: Signal Processing »
Documentation: Time Series »
Documentation: Time Series Processes »


With new statistical distributions, support for money units throughout the system, enhancements across hypothesis testing, parameter estimation and sampling, the Wolfram statistics framework is stronger, faster and easier to use.

New in the Wolfram Language: Extended Probability and Statistics »
New in the Wolfram Language: Random Matrices »

Enhanced Visualization

New visualizations for multidimensional data, textual data and timelines are supported by better labeling and plotting over nonrectangular regions, making it easier than ever to create compelling and insightful plots.

New in the Wolfram Language: Labels, Scales, Exclusions »
New in the Wolfram Language: Volume Visualization »
Documentation: Labeling »
Documentation: Exclusions »

Enhanced Mathematical Computation

Numerical PDE-solving capabilities now include events, sensitivity computation, new boundary condition types and improved complex-value PDE solutions.

New in the Wolfram Language: Partial Differential Equations & Verification »
New in the Wolfram Language: Differential Eigensystems »
Documentation: Partial Differential Equations »

Text Processing

Tools for handling multiple languages and character sets enable advanced processing and analysis of structured, unstructured and semantic text.

New in the Wolfram Language: Text and Language Processing »
Documentation: Text Analysis »


The Wolfram Knowledgebase provides faster, more convenient access to the world's computable data, which can now be augmented with custom entities and your own data. New datasets, such as Federal Reserve Economic data, are also included.

New in the Wolfram Language: Knowledgebase Expansion »
Documentation: Knowledge Representation and Access »
Documentation: EntityStore »

Network Communications

New Wolfram Cloud communication protocols enable a more abstract and scalable communication system to facilitate asynchronous communication between sessions.

New in the Wolfram Language: Channel Framework »
New in the Wolfram Language: Cloud and Web Interfaces »
Documentation: Channel-Based Communication »

Based on Version 10.3 of the Wolfram Language, Wolfram Finance Platform 2.2 further expands its unrivaled base of computational, knowledge and interface capabilities.

Major new features since Finance Platform 2

Enhanced Time Series Analysis and Random Processes

Wolfram Finance Platform now includes fully automated fitting and diagnostics across the full suite of time series processes. It also expands on the already extensive random process framework, making it easy to forecast market volatility, analyze correlation in data series, test hypotheses about market dynamics and more.

Documentation: Time Series »
Documentation: Time Series Processes »
Documentation: Random Processes »

Financial Signal Processing

Estimate the movement of equity prices such as stock prices, options prices or other types of derivatives with built-in signal processing. Signal processing functions now automatically work with time series.

Documentation: Signal Processing »

Data Science and Machine Learning

Reduce risk and improve algorithmic trading strategies using integrated machine learning capabilities. Wolfram Finance Platform also introduces fundamental new constructs called associations. They associate keys with values, allowing highly efficient lookup and updating for very large datasets.

Documentation: Machine Learning »
Documentation: Associations »
Documentation: Computation with Structured Datasets »

Highly Automated Computation-Driven Report Generation

Wolfram Finance Platform provides sophisticated tools for automated document creation. Create templates, customize the output and generate reports with interactive charts and dynamic computations that can be scheduled and shared in the Wolfram Cloud.

Documentation: Automated Reports »
Documentation: Data Visualization »

Integrated Unit Testing

Improve your software development process with the new built-in testing framework in Wolfram Finance Platform. Write and run tests for your code to ensure that your functions or applications operate as intended—at any stage of the development cycle.

Documentation: Systematic Testing & Verification »

Enterprise Deployment

Instantly deploy your programs in the cloud, creating APIs, interactive web content, mobile apps and much more with Wolfram Finance Platform.

Documentation: Cloud Functions & Deployment »

Integrated Finite Element Method

Use the built-in finite element method in Wolfram Finance Platform for fast and accurate pricing of derivative contracts and for other applications in quantitative finance.

Documentation: Finite Element Method »
Documentation: Partial Differential Equations »

Comprehensive Graph Computation

The comprehensive graphs and networks capabilities in Wolfram Finance Platform offer a nontraditional approach to finance, delivering an intuitive insight to market data.

Documentation: Graphs & Networks »

Major new features in Wolfram Finance Platform 2

Wolfram Finance Platform 2 adds major new areas—further expanding its unrivaled base of computational, knowledge and interface capabilities.

Computation-Driven Report Generation

Instantly create a user-driven report for data exploration. Combine real-time data with live computation. Deploy a dynamic dashboard as a standalone app or over the web.


Enhanced Graphs and Networks

Wolfram Finance Platform's comprehensive graphs and networks capabilities offer a nontraditional approach to finance, delivering an intuitive insight to market data.

Documentation: Graphs & Networks »

Advanced Calendar Operations

With a highly flexible system for handling dates and times built in, Wolfram Finance Platform enables you to easily find trading days, align trading days from different exchanges and find business days in different countries.

Documentation: Date & Time »

Systemwide Support for Units

Wolfram Finance Platform has sophisticated physical quantities and a real-time currency units system that integrates seamlessly with computation and visualization.

Virtual Book: Currency Units » Documentation: Units »

Comprehensive Random Processes

Wolfram Finance Platform provides cohesive and comprehensive random processes functionality. This generalized framework enables quantitative modelers to structure complex derivative models with ease.

Documentation: Random Processes »

Integrated Signal Processing

Apply a new generation of signal processing and analysis to finance. Estimate the movement of equity prices, develop dynamic CAPM models and more, using the built-in signal processing capabilities.

Documentation: Signal Processing »

Built-in Integration with R

Wolfram Finance Platform provides data integration and interactivity to work with your existing codebase. RLink offers seamless ways to integrate R code into your workflow.

Documentation: RLink »

Intelligent Dashboard with Gauge Control

Highly customizable interactive gauges convey spreadsheets' worth of information with a single glance. Great for dashboards and reports, gauges can also be used as interactive controls for interfaces.

Documentation: Gauges »

Other New Improvements

  • New and improved core algorithms
  • Expanded capabilities in probability and statistics
  • Major enhancements to differential equation solving
  • Enhanced documentation with featured examples and learning resources
  • Redesigned default stylesheet and new templates
  • Streaming performance improvement for BloombergLink
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