What's New in Wolfram Finance Platform

Based on Wolfram Language, Wolfram Finance Platform expands connectivity to Bloomberg and Reuters feeds, blockchain and databases, and expands capabilities for machine learning and optimization.

Major new features in Finance Platform include:

New Financial Data Feeds

New support for the Bloomberg data API and Reuters data together with richer access to the Bloomberg Desktop connection and Wolfram|Alpha data to give you immediate computable access to the world's financial data.

Documentation: Reuters »
Documentation: BloombergTerminal »
Documentation: BloombergDataLicense »

Machine Learning

Machine learning capabilities have been extended with new neural network layers and multi-GPU training. New capabilities powered by deep learning technology include tools for automated anomaly detection and synthesis of missing values in high-dimensional data.

New in the Wolfram Language: High-Level Machine Learning »
New in the Wolfram Language: Neural Network Framework »
Documentation: Machine Learning »
Documentation: Neural Networks »


Read, write and analyze data on common blockchain technologies with full cryptographic support for full integration with distributed ledgers and smart contracts.

New in the Wolfram Language: Blockchain »
Documentation: Working with Blockchains »

Data Connectivity

New data connectivity tools automate connections to relational databases and SPARQL endpoints, with full integration with the Wolfram Knowledgebase entity system. Faster spreadsheet and CSV import and now over 225 data formats supported.

New in the Wolfram Language: Relational Database Connectivity »
New in the Wolfram Language: RDF and SPARQL »
Documentation: Working with Relational Databases »
Documentation: Graph Store Overview »

Python Client Library

Access the whole Wolfram Finance Platform technology stack from native Python code for easier integration into existing code bases.

Documentation: Wolfram Client Library for Python »

Wolfram Language Compiler

The new LLVM-based compiler technology allows you to write faster Wolfram Language code and compile to external libraries.

New in the Wolfram Language: Code Compilation »
Documentation: Code Compilation »

Text Processing

Analyze more nontraditional and unstructured data sources with additional tools for natural language processing. Extract facts and semantic features, answer questions and classify contents.

New in the Wolfram Language: Natural Language Processing »
Documentation: Text Analysis »


Finance Platform's existing suite of local and global constrained optimization capabilities has been extended with fast and robust algorithms for convex optimization problems.

New in the Wolfram Language: Convex Optimization »
Documentation: Convex Optimization »


New finite element methods solve broad classes of nonlinear partial differential equations.

New in the Wolfram Language: Nonlinear Finite Elements »
Documentation: Partial Differential Equations »
Documentation: Finite Element Method »

Asymptotic Solvers

Finance Platform includes a broad set of tools for working with power series approximations of complex models that are too difficult for pure symbolic computing, giving you more descriptive and applicable output than numerical computing can provide.

New in the Wolfram Language: Asymptotics »
Documentation: Asymptotics »
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