Analog Insydes
Analog Insydes
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Efficient netlist description language and extensive model library

  • Netlist-based input of electronic circuits and control systems
  • Netlist generation using the graphical Analog Insydes Schematics Creator
  • Enhanced modeling language: netlist-based and equation-based modeling
  • Hierarchical netlist entry and device modeling by means of subcircuits and behavioral model definitions
  • Predefined and user-extendible symbolic model library containing common linear and nonlinear devices

Automatic equation handling and analysis methods

  • Automatic circuit equation setup
  • Design fomula extraction
  • Nonlinear simplification techniques for automatic behavioral model generation
  • Numerical analyses: AC, noise, pole/zero, DC, DC-transfer, transient analysis
  • Graphics functions for common electrical engineering analyses

Import and export filters

  • Netlist import for Eldo, PSPICE, Saber, and Spectre netlist files, including small-signal, operating-point, and model-card parameters
  • Import filter for Eldo, PSPICE, Saber, and Spectre simulation data
  • Import filter for circuit schematics and other line graphics from DXF files
  • Export filter of Analog Insydes simulation data for PSPICE and Saber
  • Export filter for PSPICE and VHDL-AMS models and Saber MAST model templates