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User Agreement

  • This Home User Agreement ("Agreement") grants Eligible Home Users a non-transferable license to use Mathematica on a single Eligible Computer, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and the Mathematica License Agreement. The term of this license runs concurrently with your Premier Service subscription, and terminates immediately upon expiration of your Premier Service subscription.

  • "Eligible Home User" is defined as a current Mathematica user with an active Premier Service subscription.

  • "Eligible Computer" is defined as a computer that is: (i) owned or leased by the Eligible Home User; (ii) normally located in the Eligible Home User's primary residence; and (iii) primarily used by the Eligible Home User.

  • Home-use license eligibility and restrictions may vary. Please refer to the Premier Service section of the Wolfram User Portal for details. A home-use license associated with an Educational Mathematica License must be used primarily for the support of instruction and/or academic research.

  • Software obtained via this request is renewable annually in conjunction with your Premier Service subscription.

Note: By submitting this form, you agree to the preceding provisions.

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