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Applied Mathematica: Getting Started, Getting It Done
Applied Mathematica: Getting Started, Getting It Done
by William T. Shaw, Jason Tigg
  • Publisher: Addison-Wesley
  • Year: 1994
  • ISBN: 020154217X (Paperback)
  • 432 pp
Shows how to solve complex, practical problems in engineering, finance, environmental engineering, and image processing. Provides a quick start for scientists and engineers.

The electronic supplements contains the longer code sections from this book, including specialized graphics, several MathLink examples (including C code and template files), and some extended data analysis examples. Contents
Getting a Quick Start | Importing Data into Mathematica | Organizing Information in Mathematica | Visualizing Data in Two Dimensions | Processing Information in Mathematica | Visualizing Data in Three or More Dimensions | Exporting Results from Mathematica | Different Programming Styles | Important Built-in Structures | Function Definitions | Procedural Methods | Rule-Based Schemes and Iteration | Contexts and Packages | Increased Efficiency | Case Studies: Robust Regression, Transform Calculus, Time Series Analysis, Probabilistic System Assessment, Visualization of the Mandelbrot Set, Maximum Entropy Reconstruction, Digital Image Reconstruction Related Topics
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