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Financial Engineering and Mathematics

Rapidly develop new models and deploy them to analysts and traders. Power front-to-back trading systems with instant computations.

From exploring market behavior to managing portfolios, Wolfram Finance Platform provides state-of-the-art calculations and easy connectivity to databases and web services, as well as high-performance computing with built-in parallel processing that can be scaled to grids of any size.

Automatically generating reports that combine real-time data with live computation
The Wolfram Edge
How Wolfram Compares
Key Capabilities

Wolfram Finance Platform includes thousands of built-in functions that let you:

  • Search for patterns in past data or predict future market movements by developing algorithms and deploying them as tools for traders
  • Rapidly prototype products and trading strategies for the world's largest market maker in Eurodollar derivatives
  • Access your Bloomberg feeds and link to other data and applications with built-in connectivity tools
  • Develop new theories to explain market efficiency
  • Build artificial markets to model agent behavior
  • Ensure accuracy by back testing trading strategies and stress testing product models
  • Apply new mathematical tools to the pricing and hedging of derivative instruments
  • Immediately deploy applications to traders based on analysts' findings
  • Develop new models for options and determine optimal asset prices
  • Use neural networks and genetic algorithms to create evolving agents for market models
  • Perform instant analysis on real-time trading data

Make every report or statement interactive with real-time computation, enabling customers to test multidimensional "what if" scenarios

Use a rapid development workflow for computation-centric applications

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The Wolfram Edge
How Wolfram Compares
Key Capabilities

Does your current tool set have these advantages?

  • Powerful symbolic statistical computation and built-in functions for all standard statistical distributions
    Advanced symbolic computational capabilities are unique to Mathematica
  • Fully automated precision control and arbitrary-precision arithmetic avoid the errors of traditional numeric systems
    Excel, MATLAB, and other systems relying on machine arithmetic can show critical errors due to numerical accuracy failure
  • Gain accuracy and reliability by performing symbolic calculations, not just numeric ones
    MATLAB's and Java's built-in routines only handle numeric calculations
  • Choose from procedural, functional, and rule-based programming paradigms as needed for fast development and deployment
    Other computation environments use predominantly procedural languages
  • Symbolic capabilities of time-value and bond functions allow for seamless integration with Wolfram Finance Platform's statistics framework for use in financial computations involving uncertain outcomes
    Other systems require the purchase of add-ons to add functionality
  • Having an integrated environment streamlines development, analysis, documentation, and delivery of custom financial models
    Traditional programming languages like C/C++ don't have all the built-in computations and capabilities of Mathematica

Keep all elements of a project—calculations, visualizations, data, documentation, and even interactive applications—together, in uniquely flexible computable documents

Instantly create interactive tools that use built-in financial derivative computations

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The Wolfram Edge
How Wolfram Compares
Key Capabilities

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