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Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
by Christian J. Jacob
  • Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann
  • Year: 2001
  • ISBN: 1558606378 (Hardcover)
  • 578 pp
Introduces evolutionary computation and explores the application of evolution to developmental processes in nature. Introduces major mechanisms of biological evolution. Explains genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolutionary programming and evolutionary strategies. Detailed explanation of computer modeled developmental programs. Includes Mathematica notebooks for all programs in the book. Contents
Introduction: The Fascination of Evolution | Evolutionary Computation | Evolutionary Algorithms for Optimization | Genetic Algorithms | Evolution Strategies | Programming by Evolution | Evolutionary Programming | Genetic Programming | Advanced Genetic Programming | Computer Models of Developmental Programs | Evolutionary Inference of Lindenmayer Systems | Artificial Plant Evolution Related Topics
Applied Mathematics, Calculus and Analysis, Life Sciences
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