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Aram Manaselyan
Recent developments in Wolfram Language related to symbolic ODEs are presented. The new DSolve option IncludeSingularSolutions is described. The significant improvements in the method of undetermined coefficients are discussed. Finally, ...
Daniele Ceravolo
Using Wolfram Language, we can explore information provided by a raft of data reporting within enterprise systems to better to find patterns and insights for companies. Wolfram Language can import, ...
Flavio B.Gonzaga
This presentation shows a detailed view of SearchOnMath, a search engine specializing in formulas and text from domains with math content. It includes the ability to search arXiv preprints and ...
Itai Seggev
In recent versions, we have added functionality to make Wolfram Language more directly applicable to the calculus classroom. I will focus, in particular, on the new functions ImplicitD, IntegrateChangeVariables and ...
Bob Sandheinrich
See how to create courseware using the question and assessment framework. This talk shows how each piece of the system works, from custom, automated assessment functions to full quizzes.
Brett Champion
Tim Shedelbower
One of many wonderful components waiting to be discovered in Wolfram Language is powerful graphics. I will share some of my techniques developed to harness this power for documentation illustrations and marketing images. Learn style, lighting ...
Brett Champion
August Frechette, Zbigniew J. Kabala
We asked engineering students at Duke to numerically simulate flow through a sudden expansion using a digital fluid mechanics lab. At the end of the project, students understood the physical ...
MinHsuan Peng