Wolfram Data Drop Quick Reference

Data Semantics

Data semantics specifies what the data in a databin means and how raw inputs for the
databin should be converted for storage in the databin.

Any type of data supported by WDF and the Wolfram Language can be used:

Numbers Measured Quantities Times Geolocations Entities Text Images ...

For data given in the form:

The Wolfram Language data semantics signature is given the form:

Any Wolfram Language Interpreter type can be used as one of the interpi:

"Number" "Quantity" "Date" "Location" "String" "Image" ...

(Data semantics signatures work the same as parameter interpretation lists in FormFunction and APIFunction.)

(Values for keys not included in the data semantics signature for a databin are maintained in their original form.)

Data semantics can be used to specify how units should be associated with raw input numbers:

Nearly 10,000 standard units are natively supported in the Wolfram Language.

Create a databin in the Wolfram Language, specifying data semantics:


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